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Visiting JBAB

All non-DOD ID card holders must report to the JBAB Joint Visitor Center (JVC), Building 256, which is located just inside the JBAB South Gate. The JVC ensure all parties visiting the installation are properly vetted and given authorization (including family members, contractors, vendors, etc.) for the safety and security to the installation, its residents and tenant organizations.

1. Visitor Passes: The JVC staff services two types of visitors/guests: UNESCORTED and ESCORTED.
a. Personnel requesting unescorted access privileges (guest not with sponsor) must be properly vetted  via specific background checks before given authorization to access the installation without a proper escort. This is normally provided from the tenant organization or sponsor prior to the visitation of the guest(s) in question. 

NOTE:  Services such as long term housing guests (greater than one day not to exceed 30 days as per CNIC policy), truck deliveries, vendors and contracted workers for on-going projects have been known to arrive unscheduled and are vetted accordingly for access. However, normal practices dictate at least 72 hours notification for proper vetting of guest(s) in question.

b. Personnel requesting escorted status (guest with sponsor) for one time visits must be with their organizational/residential sponsor at all times while on the installation, to include housing and primary gathering areas (i.e. Exchange, mini-mart, banks, commissary, food court, Burger King, etc.).  If a visitor arrives in their own vehicle, options available are:

(1) To arrange transportation along with their sponsor in one vehicle as a TRUSTED TRAVELER occupant;

(2) Visitor(s) be issued a JBAB Visitor Pass after proper vetting (with Sponsor present at JVC) for the duration of the visit to allow operating their own vehicle on the installation, not to exceed a 24 hour period or next calendar day only.

NOTE:  Trusted Traveler. A procedure that allows for uniformed service members and spouses, DOD employees, and retired uniformed service members and spouses, to vouch for occupants in their immediate vehicle, provided the Trusted Traveler vehicle operator possess a valid identification card and has a clear NCIC check. Trusted Travelers are entirely responsible for the actions of all occupants in their vehicle and for meeting all local security requirements for escort as established by requirements of the installation commander (description provided by the Under Secretary of Defense Directive-Type Memorandum (DTM) 09-012, INTERIM POLICY GUIDANCE FOR DOD PHYSICAL ACCESS CONTROL).

NOTE:  The sponsor is always responsible for all guests while on the installation.  Any deviation of this could result in removal from the installation confines of the guest with incidents reported to the primary sponsor(s) command/organization for notification of violation.

2. Extended Access Control Procedures: Policy guidelines are set forth in the CNICINST 5530.14A and our current Standard Operating Procedures (SOP); which provides the procedures and guidelines for extended Visitor Access Passes.

a. "Unescorted Day/Visitor Access Passes will be issued for visits of duration less than 30 days (e.g., family visits, retired Civil Service using Morale Welfare Recreation (MWR) facilities that are not in possession of a retired civilian ID card, sporting events, and various short term official meetings).  Installation passes shall be renewed daily or issued for the duration of family visits or scheduled meetings." 

b. "Family members may be issued a long-term activity pass for up to 180 days. A long-term activity pass for a family member requires concurrence of the installation Commanding Officer.

3. Special Events/Functions: The JVC staff encourages sponsors to provide pre-screening documentation for upcoming visitors and/or guests, call 202-767-5505 for assistance.

4. Vehicle Registration: As per CNIC and local policy, all residents, commands and representatives stationed on JBAB are required to register their privately owned vehicle and all government vehicles with the installation Security Department. Contact the Vehicle Registration Coordinator at 202-767-5505 for assistance.

If you have additional questions, please contact the JVC Customer Service Desk, 202-767-5505.

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