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Celebrating over 70 years of community partnership.



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    Installation Information

    Nestled in St. Mary’s County, Maryland, where the waters of the Patuxent River and Chesapeake Bay meet, sits Naval Air Station Patuxent River.

    Approximately 90 miles from the Fleet in Norfolk, Virginia, and 65 miles south of the nation’s capital, the 14,500-acre complex includes the main station in Lexington Park, Webster Outlying Field in St. Inigoes, Navy Recreation Center Solomons in Calvert County, and Bloodsworth Island Range in the Chesapeake Bay.

    Since its commissioning April 1, 1943, Naval Air Station (NAS) Patuxent River has evolved into the Center of Excellence for Naval Aviation. It’s also known as: Where the future of Naval aviation begins.

    NAS Pax River was selected to host Naval Air Systems Command (NAVAIR) and Naval Air Warfare Center Aircraft Division (NAWCAD) headquarters, as well as 50 other tenant activities, during a round of Base Realignment and Closures (BRAC) in the mid-1990s; a move that brought more than 20,000 military and civilian employees to the air station.

    With just 800 employees assigned to the host air station’s staff, the military and civilian “Pax Pros” work hard to ensure the continued security and safety of its tenants, while providing first-class services to all employees.

    Be sure to browse through our pages where you can find out more about the tenants commands aboard the air station, newcomer information, recreational activities and the history or the air station, to name a few.


    Commanding Officer’s Leadership Philosophy 

    1. The PAX TEAM will operate with three focus areas:  Respect, Ownership, and Excellence.

         RESPECT:  Treat EVERYONE with dignity and respect.  Be customer service driven, celebrate diversity, and capitalize on its strengths.  Correct any lack of respect you witness.  We do not accept disrespectful behavior or tolerate those who do.

         OWNERSHIP:  This is our Naval Air Station.  It is unique in the world, and its mission of developing the future of Naval Aviation is crucial to our nation’s ability to dissuade, deter, or defeat those who threaten us.  Each person on the installation owns their job, their facility, and the entire installation’s appearance.  You are empowered to do your job, and you are accountable for all of your responsibilities.  Be critical of yourself, fix the things that are wrong, report when you need help, and constantly communicate.

         EXCELLENCE:  We expect all personnel to strive for excellence.  Excellence is not perfection; it is doing your best in everything you do, learning from your mistakes, and always improving.


    2.  The following EXCELLENCE PRINCIPLES will be used by all hands and be a focus of leadership at all levels.  Most mission failures or mishaps can be attributed to a breakdown of one or more the below excellence principles.  We will look at our mistakes through these principles to determine the breakdown and implement changes to prevent reoccurrence.

         Integrity:  This is the bedrock principle and the most important.  We must be able to trust each other in what we say and what we do.  To cultivate this type of climate, honest mistakes must be immediately acknowledged and fixed.  If someone brings their integrity into doubt just once then all other interactions with that person will be in doubt.

         Communications:  Communication is the key to a successful organization, but it is hard to do well.  I expect communications to flow freely up and down the chain of command and horizontally throughout the organization.

         Teamwork:  A cohesive team is a force multiplier.  Building a team is hard work and takes constant effort.  We must always strive to work and solve all problems together.  We cannot complete our mission by ourselves; therefore, the PAX TEAM must include other organizations as well.  In order to be successful, we will build strong professional relationships focused on good communication, outstanding customer service, and teamwork.

         Level of Knowledge:  We must understand our jobs.  We work with complicated systems, multiple organizations, and diverse groups of people.  In order to be successful, we must train effectively, while maintaining a high level of accurate, up to date, and relevant knowledge.    

         Procedural Compliance:  Procedures are written to mitigate risks as a result of lessons learned from mishaps that lead to loss of life, injuries, or damage to equipment.  This does not mean that our procedures replace the value of sound judgement.  There still may be times when we need to make an exception; however, it must be a conscious decision, and the entire chain of command must be kept in the decision loop.  If you are not willing to tell your boss that you are making an exception to a rule, then follow the rule.

         Culture of Continual Learning:  We will be more effective if we instill a culture of continual learning.  Never be afraid to ask questions, as this attitude will keep us from making mistakes.  If you do not understand the “why,” then ask a question.  With conflicting information, we must get the facts and quickly get to the truth.  “That is the way we have always done it” is never a reason for a chosen course of action.  Challenge your assumptions, learn the lessons of the past, and never stop seeking a better way.   

         Empowerment / Accountability:  You are empowered to do your job and take initiative to solve problems at your level.  We are focused on customer service, and empowering personnel will make us flexible and responsive.  Accountability is inextricably linked to empowerment, and we will hold everyone accountable for their responsibilities.  This does not mean that we will accept zero defects.  I expect all leaders and supervisors to give personnel the right guidance, empower them to work, back them up through honest mistakes, and hold them accountable when needed.

         Forceful Backup:  Everyone must work to back up their peers, subordinates, and seniors.  If you see a dangerous or improper situation developing, speak up.  We may be basing decisions on a false or inaccurate piece of information.  We expect you to speak up if you think we are wrong.

         Risk Management:  Use operational risk management (ORM) to enable our Safety program.  Key principles of ORM include:

         - Accept risk when benefits outweigh the cost

         - Accept no unnecessary risks

         - Anticipate and manage risk by planning

         - Make risk decisions at the right level.

         Be Happy:  A happy workforce is a productive and healthy workforce that allows every person to perform to their utmost.  I want a happy, high performance team, and I will do everything in my power to achieve this.


    3.  We will use the above focus areas and live by the above excellence principles to continue to make ours the best installation in the Navy and the envy of all Naval Aviation!




    Water Qaulity Consumer Confidence Report 2018
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    Environmental Policy Statement 2019
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    NAS Pax River Base Guide 

    NAS Pax River Base Guide
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    Sexual Assault Prevention and Response
    For assistance with Sexual Assault Prevention and Response. If you need other assistance, call the base operator at 301-342-3000.

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