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Hunting & Fishing



To obtain a permit for hunting or trapping:  send an email request to AND 

All requested need to have: full name, home address, home or cell #, date of birth, and employment (military, civilian, contractor, retired, dependent...) and the type of permit being requested.

Patuxent River, Webster Field, or Solomon’s Rec Center property are required to have the installation permit in addition to the Maryland State fishing license. Fishing permits can be purchased online by clicking here

Users will be required to register for a free account. When logged into their account they will be able to purchase their fishing permits.   


Hunting and fishing are time-honored traditions, intrinsic to our heritage and culture. Aside from providing pleasurable hours of wholesome outdoor recreation and nutritious table fare, hunting has been found to be an essential element of sound wildlife management as an efficient and effective means of maintaining animal populations in harmony with the environment and the mission of Naval Air Station Patuxent River.

The Naval Air Station Patuxent River complex includes the Patuxent River main site (NAS), Webster Outlying Field, Navy Recreation Center Solomons, Bloodsworth Island Range and a number of stations along the Chesapeake Bay.

Much of the naval air station and Webster Outlying Field remains undeveloped and serves as home to numerous wildlife and fish — both freshwater and saltwater — species indigenous to the eastern Maryland region. As a result, there are a number of hunting, fishing and even trapping opportunities available on the naval air station main site and Webster Outlying Field as well as fishing at Navy Recreation Center Solomons. Hunting opportunities are available at the naval air station complex, Webster Outlying Field and Bloodsworth Island Range only. Fishing is permitted at the naval air station complex, Webster Outlying Field and and Navy Recreation Center Solomons.

NAS Patuxent River’s Environmental Division is responsible for managing fish and wildlife resources on base, to include control of game harvesting and management and applying federal, state, and local laws and regulations. Personnel authorized to hunt at NAS Patuxent River include:


  • Active duty military personnel with current DoD Common Access Card (CAC)

  • Dependents of active duty military personnel, with current DD Form 1173

  • Retired military personnel with DD Form 2 (Retired)

  • Dependents of retired military personnel, with DD Form 1173

  • Reservists, with either a current DoD CAC or DD From 2 (Individual Ready Reserve)

  • Active federal civil service employees assigned to NAS Patuxent River with a CAC or USCSC Optional Form 55. Federal civilian employees from other military installations of federal  agencies are not authorized to hunt except as guests of other authorized individuals.

  • Dependents of civilian personnel described above. Civilian dependents must be accompanied by their civilian sponsor or another authorized person at all times.

  • Long-term contractors assigned to NAS Patuxent River with a CAC hard badge. Contractors are authorized to hunt only deer and are not authorized to sponsor guests, including dependents.

  • Maryland DNR Police with DNR uniform or DNR badge, and U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Special Agents with badge and credentials.


All hunters and fishers who exercise their privilege to hunt or fish onboard NAS Patuxent River or Webster Outlying Field are responsible for complying with installation instructions and regulations. All weapons must be registered BEFORE they are brought on base through the NAS Patuxent River Security Department via the Gate 2 Pass and ID Office with a DD Form 2760 (Qualification to Possess Firearms and Ammunition). More information registering firearms at Pax River can be found here.

More information about hunting and fishing at NAS Patuxent River, hunting season dates, and bag limits can be found in the instructions and maps below. 

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