Bloodsworth Island Range Safety Bulletin

Bloodsworth Island Range (BIR) is not open to civilians or boaters.  


Bloodsworth Island Range (BIR) has been a Navy range for more than 70 years. Located in the Chesapeake Bay off the shores of Dorchester County, MD, the range consists of five islands: Bloodsworth, Pone, Adam, Northeast, and the submerged Great Cove Island.

From 1942 to 1995, the Navy used the range as a shore bombardment and bombing range for firing and dropping live ordnance from ships and aircraft. This included bombs, small and large caliber ammunition, rockets, and missiles that contained explosives, propellants, and other energetics.

Prohibited Areas
(33 CFR 334.190)

Federal law prohibits trespassing in areas shown on the map Bloodworth Island Map.

  • All land
  • Waters within 75 yards of land
  • Waters within a circle 0.5 mile in radius on the west side of Bloodsworth and Pone Islands

Entering these areas is unsafe due to the presence of unexploded ordnance and anyone found within the prohibited areas can be prosecuted under 18 USC Section 1382.

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