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Frequently Asked Questions

The following are a list of frequently asked questions regarding NSA Annapolis and US Naval Academy access. If you are unable to have your question answered here, please feel free to e-mail  to have your question better addressed.


** NEW FEB. 1, 2016 (Updated APR 6, 2016), ACCESS GUIDANCE -- A driver's license alone for visitors from Illinois, Minnesota, Missouri and Washington State, and an ID card from American Samoa will NOT provide access to the USNA.  A second personal identification card will need to be presented along with the driver's license. Note that a valid U.S. Passport will gain admittance to anyone regardless of the state they are from.  Please click HERE to access the complete list of acceptable documents required to gain entrance to the United States Naval Academy.


Acceptable Documents

Q: Where do Contractors obtain NCACS credentials?

A:   The pass and ID Office for contractors is inside the Visitor Access Center (VAC) located inside Gate 1.  The office is open from 0630 to 1500 Monday through Friday. 

The phone number for the Pass & ID Office is (410) 293-5762 and the fax number is (410) 293-4017.

Q: What are the NSA Annapolis and US Naval Academy’s normal gate hours?

A:  Gate 1 Vehicle Traffic: Monday through Sunday, 0600-2245

      Gate 1 Pedestrian Traffic: Monday through Sunday, 0600-2245

      VAC pedestrian Traffic: Monday through Sunday, 0600-1800

      Gate 8: Open 24hours a day for vehicular and pedestrian traffic

      Gate 3 Pedestrian Traffic: 24hours a day for credentialed ID holders through turnstyle

Commercial Vehicle Inspection Station: 0600 - 1400 Mon-Fri. Closed on federal holidays.

Note: Visitors will not be granted access prior to sunrise or after sunset unless coming on for a specific event (e.g. basketball game, ECA meeting, Chapel service). Also, holiday hours for Gate 3 vary from the normal.

Q: What are the US Naval Academy’s normal general visiting hours?

A: Sunrise to 5 pm.

Q: How do I get access to the US Naval Academy to attend a sporting event or concert after visiting hours?

A:   Properly credentialed personnel (Military ID or USNA ID badge) may escort you through any gate.  Additionally, since this would be considered an official scheduled event, you may walk in through Gate 1 or Gate 3 by showing a government ID and stating the event you are attending.  When the stadium courtesy shuttle is operating, you may access the Academy via this method.  All visitors 18 years of age or older must have a valid picture ID. Visitors under the age of 18 who do not have a valid picture ID must be escorted by an adult with a valid form of identification.

Q: I do not have a Military or USNA ID card, how do I gain access to the US Naval Academy Complex?

A: The general public may walk in through the Visitors Access Center at Gate 1 during general visiting hours. When the stadium courtesy shuttle is operating, you may access the Academy via this method. All visitors 21 years of age or older must have a valid picture ID (i.e.: State issued driver's license, student I.D., or a government issued passport). Visitors under the age of 18, who do not have a valid picture ID must be escorted by an adult with a valid form of identification.

Q: Do I need a Department of Defense (DoD) ID to walk in?

A: No, as long as you enter during normal visitor hours from sunrise to 5 pm or sunset, whichever is later, or are attending a scheduled special event.

Q: At what age must someone have a picture ID card?

A: Military beneficiaries must have them at age 10; civilians age 18.

Q: What are the US Naval Academy’s requirements for vehicular entry?

A:  Effective Monday, 1 July 2013, the requirement for DOD Decals was eliminated. Anyone with a locally prepared USNA ID Card or a DOD credential, including military retirees and dependents will not be required to have a decal or to get a temporary pass to drive onto the installation including USNA.

Effective Monday, 3 March 2014, personnel attempting to drive onto the installation with a locally generated ID card (i.e. USNA ID Card) must present a second form of government issued identification.

This change does not alleviate the requirement for employees or anyone assigned to the installation for over 60 days to register their vehicle at the Pass and ID office. The purpose of base registration is to issue appropriate parking decals for faculty, staff, residents and midshipmen as well as ensure compliance with local safety, insurance, registration, and emission control requirements. Rank insignia will still be issued to 0-6 and above so that they can take advantage of special parking privileges.

There is no reason to remove existing decals or to re-register vehicles currently registered on the installation. New employees or existing employees who get new vehicles are required to register them with the Pass and ID office.

There is no change to non-DOD credentialed visitors, or contractor/vender access procedures. If you have any questions please contact Pass and ID at 410.293.4019 or

Q: Do all passengers with a properly DoD credentialed driver have to have DoD IDs?

A: No. The driver (or at least one passenger) must have a DoD ID card. All other passengers 18 years old or older must have a picture ID. All passengers in the vehicle are required to show proper identification during current FP condition measures.

Q: I am a general visitor, how do I get a temporary vehicle pass.

A:  Walk in through Gate 1.

Q: Where can the general public park their vehicles in town?

A: There are several public parking garages in Annapolis. In addition, several streets have metered parking.

Q: I am handicapped and have a handicapped placard. Is there any way I can drive onto the Yard?

A: Yes, you may drive on the Academy during normal visiting hours if the handicap placard is in your name.

Q: How do I get goods and materials delivered to the US Naval Academy?

A: Delivery requirements can be found in the NCACS Standard Operating Procedure.

Q: I have a medical appointment but do not have a DoD Decal on my vehicle, how do I make my appointment?

A:  If you have DOD credentials you may drive on. Otherwise you must go to Pass and ID between the hours of 0630 and 1500 Monday - Friday to receive a visitor's pass. 

Q: What do I do if my car has scraped a barrier?

A: Contact NSA Annapolis Police Department at 410-293-5760.

Q: I am a resident aboard the Academy grounds and I am expecting overnight visitors. How may I park their non DoD vehicle aboard the Academy?

A: You must provide the appropriate data to the Pass and ID office located inside Gate 1. Their hours are 0630 - 1500 Monday - Friday. The vehicle is subject to inspection each time it comes aboard.

Q: I am a resident aboard the Academy grounds and I received notice outside the hours of the Pass and ID of a visitor coming to stay with me. How can they get on the installation?

A: Contact Pass and ID office at 410-293-5762 during normal business hours

(CDO and Police do not issue passes for visitors).

Q: Are there any regulations I should know about regarding jogging, cycling, walking, and skating aboard the US Naval Academy?

A: Rollerskating, Rollerblading, Hoverboarding, and Skateboarding are prohibited.

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