Joint Task Force National Capital Region Medical (JTF CapMed)

Joint Task Force - National Capital Region Medical
The Joint Task Force National Capital Region Medical Command is established.
In September of 2007, the Joint Task Force National Capital Region Medical was established as a fully functional standing task force, located on the National Naval Medical Center campus and reporting directly to the Secretary of Defense through the Deputy Secretary of Defense. The newly formed Command was charged with leading the way for the effective and efficient consolidation and realignment of military healthcare in the National Capital Region. Navy Vice Admiral John Mateczun was appointed to lead the mission.
The three objectives of JTF CapMed :
·   Ensure effective and efficient delivery of world-class military healthcare in the National Capital Region;
·   Oversee execution of the NCR Medical Base Realignment and Closure; 
·   Conduct other missions as assigned to improve management, performance and efficiency of the Military Health System.
Establishing a clear and concise vision, VADM Mateczun proposed that the future Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Bethesda, MD would be: “A world-class medical center at the hub of the nation’s premier regional health care system serving our military and our nation. We will deliver integrated health care in the NCR, ensure readiness, and execute the BRAC business plan to achieve the vision.”
To accomplish this unified medical mission, the medical services of the Army, Navy, and Air Force in the NCR integrated to ensure the best utilization of resources available. This eliminated redundancies, enhanced clinical care, promoted health profession education and joint training, and enhanced military medical research opportunities. This integration furthered the growth of transformative efforts with government, community and private sector partners.
The Joint Task Force National Capital Region Medical looks to the future.
Since the successful completion of BRAC, new construction and facilities were installed at the renamed Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, and a brand new facility was opened in Fort Belvoir, VA—Fort Belvoir Community Hospital. Recently, a new Commander stepped in as leader of JTF CapMed, Army Major General Steve Jones, and former Deputy Commander of JTF CapMed. As Commander of JTF CapMed, Jones assumed responsibility for providing world-class health care to more than 280,000 enrolled beneficiaries within the NCR. In his new role, Jones vows that “NCR Medical will operate as a single entity with a regional, unified perspective for all aspects of healthcare delivery in the Joint Operations Area—to optimize the health and healthcare services for our beneficiary population. There will be one standard of care and access, regardless of where an individual is enrolled or treated, emphasizing a patient and family-centric commitment.”
Jones completed his training in Internal Medicine and Cardiology at Walter Reed Army Medical Center, and earned a Master’s of Science degree in National Security Studies from the National War College. Previous assignments include Commanding General, Pacific Regional Medical Command and Tripler Army Medical Center; Assistant Surgeon General for Force Projection, U.S. Army Medical Command; and Command Surgeon, U.S. Army Cadet Command.
JTF has clearly defined the Principles and Priorities that guide their actions:
A Focus on the Mission. Our greatest commitment is to the health and well being of the men and women who serve our country. Our nation has seen its share of Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Marines injured while fighting for the welfare of others during Operations Iraqi and Enduring Freedom. As America’s primary reception site for returning casualties and trauma care, there is nothing more important to our mission than taking care of our wounded, ill and injured warriors and their families.
Now that BRAC was successfully completed, JTF CapMed looks to the future to carry out its ongoing mission, which includes:
   Ensure the effective and efficient delivery of world-class military healthcare within the National Capital Region using all available military health care resources;
   Oversee, manage, and direct all health care delivery by military medical units within the JOA; oversee, manage, and distribute resources to military health care assets within the JOA;
   Establish an Integrated Delivery System to provide patient-centric, integrated care with patient and family involvement;
   Develop and maintain interagency and private partnerships;
   Continue to focus on health education, training and research;
   Maintain Warrior and Family care/support;
   Ensure medical readiness and operational support;
   Develop a comprehensive master plan.
Serving Our People. Our success depends on the combined contributions of our active, reserve, civilian, and contract personnel and their families. Their personal readiness is essential to our mission. Our priority is caring for the caregivers. Our people are called to provide healthcare often under trying circumstances. It is a tough job and we have a covenant responsibility to care for them.
Interoperability and Leadership. Leadership is key to service. We are currently in a unique situation to be able to draw leadership potential from all Services. Since each Service brings unique and critical capabilities to the team, we will have the “best of the best.” Yet, with interoperability, the fusion of working together on all levels must come with teamwork and trust. These are the keys to agile leadership and interoperability between the Services.
Regional Health Care Delivery. Integrated planning for the efficient and effective delivery of services on a regional basis is the key to quality and to mission success. We will use common business standards and clinical processes to maximize region-wide growth and potential.
Our Pledge to YOU: 
Military healthcare professionals are filling a wide range of roles—demonstrating courage, compassion, ingenuity, and excellence. The staff members of the JTF, and of the Military Health Care Treatment Facilities throughout the NCR, both military and civilian, pledge to you, active duty service members; your families; retired service members and all eligible beneficiaries, our sincerest commitment that you will receive the highest quality of care. We take full accountability for our decisions and actions and will meet our responsibilities to you with integrity and honor.

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