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The Naval Dosimetry Center's mission is to:

1. Provide a centralized radiation dosimetry processing and consultation service to the Naval commands worldwide that use dosimetry as part of the Navy's Radiation Health Protection Program.

    b. Maintain a registry of ionizing radiation exposure data for Navy and Marine Corps personnel (military and civilian) exposed to radiation sources in their work environment. Respond to requests for exposure history information. Support applicable radioepidemiology studies.

    c. Operate an In Vivo Gamma Spectroscopy Facility for determining the internal human burden of radioactive material and estimating doses and dose commitments for risk estimates.

    d. Provide assistance in adjudication of U.S. Navy-related claims of radiation injury or disease by evaluation of the probability that the disease or injury was caused by the claimant's occupational radiation exposure

Contact Information

Telephone Number: 301-295-5410

Location: Bldg 4, 4th Fl

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