Environmental Support

Installation Environmental Programs Division, Bldg. 27

PH: 301-295-2482

The Environmental Core Business Area includes all functions that provide environmental services for the installation.


● Environmental Management System (EMS) – A management tool that:

● Provides a framework to integrate environmental programs with mission management process

● Enables continual improvement in mission and environmental performance 

● Register for EMS Training contact 301-295-2708

● Stormwater is our significant Aspect!

Current Policy Statement

Water Use:

  • Use only what is necessary.
  • Do not let water taps run while cleaning.
  • Report all leaks and broken distribution lines, sink faucets and toilets to Facilities.

Energy Use:

  • Turn off the lights when you are done for the evening.
  • Turn the lights off in low-traffic areas such as restrooms.
  • Use mass transit, walk/bike, or carpool to work to help reduce energy consumption and harmful air emissions.

Recycling Goals:

  • Montgomery County has set a goal for reducing solid waste for disposal by at least 50% annually, by volume or weight.
  • The Department of Defense - goal of diverting 50% of non-hazardous solid waste, not including construction and demolition waste, by 2015 and thereafter.
  • The target for 2014 is a 40% reduction in waste.


  • Please use this bin to recycle your mixed paper products (copier/printer paper, newsprint, cardboard, paperboard, magazines, colored paper) When full bring to a centrally located bin for weekly pick up by Housekeeping.
  • NSA Bethesda also recycles aluminum cans, bottles, and all plastics (Please put those items in a separate centrally located bin.  Place empty toner cartridges next to mixed paper bin for weekly pick up by Housekeeping.
  • Recycle questions, CALL 301-295-2708.
  • Environmental protection is not only the law; it is the right thing to do.

We are here to help!


Montgomery County, Maryland has a goal to reduce waste and recycle 70 percent of all waste generated by 2020. Recycling is also the law in Montgomery County and all businesses, regardless of type of business or size, are required to recycle. The Montgomery County Division of Solid Waste Services SORRT (Smart Organizations Reduce and Recycle Tons) Program provides assistance to businesses to increase their recycling achievement and maximize the amount of materials recycled.

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