Naval Support Activity Washington Notification
NSAW will conduct a Radon Assessment beginning in April 2017 and continue through 2018 at selected NSAW locations.
For more information: Radon Assessment Page

Naval Support Activity Washington encompasses the Washington Navy Yard, the oldest Navy installation in the U.S.; Naval Support Facility Naval Research Laboratory; Naval Support Facility Suitland; Naval Support Facility Naval Observatory; Naval Support Facility Arlington; and Naval Support Facility Carderock. 

As the “Quarterdeck of the Navy” and the host of many of our Navy’s central efforts in support of warfighters around the world, Naval Support Activity Washington provides safety, security, and the best possible working environment to our supported commanders and customers. We accomplish our mission and support the missions of our tenants with professionalism, courtesy, and respect for all whom we serve.

Please explore the history of the Washington Navy Yard and browse information concerning the tenant commands of NSA Washington.

For a map of the Washington Navy Yard click here.

  • 030826-N-9593R-043
Washington, D.C. (August 26, 2003) -- Personnel at the U.S. Naval Observatory in Washington, D.C., prepare the facilities historic 26-inch refractor telescope for optical viewing of Mars. The telescope is the same one that discovered Phobos and Deimos, the two moons of Mars, in 1877.  The telescope, which still uses the original optics, normally has a camera known as a speckle interferometer mounted in the viewing position for deep space studies. The United States Naval Observatory (USNO) performs an essential scientific role for the U.S. Navy, and Department of Defense (DOD).  Its mission includes determining the positions and motions of the Earth, Sun, Moon, planets, stars, and other celestial objects; providing astronomical reference data; measuring the Earthís rotation and orientation; determining precise time; and maintaining the Master Clock for the United States.  U.S. Navy photo by Chief Warrant Officer 4 Seth Rossman (RELEASED)
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