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Tickets with teeth – NSAW to implement greater parking fines on installation

WNY Ticketing
Cpl. Josepha Ward, NDW Police officer, writes a "1408" armed forces traffic ticket in December of 2015 at the Washington Navy Yard. Beginning March 1, the Washington Navy Yard will switch from 1408 to 1805 U.S. District Court Violation Notices to ticket parking offenders. These tickets carry a maximum fine of $50 and require an appearance in federal magistrate court. (U.S. Navy photo by Whitney Anderson)

02/09/16 12:00 AM

By Patrick Gordon
NSAW Public Affairs Office

For personnel and visitors who drive to Naval Support Activity Washington fence lines parking can be an issue. Recent changes to the traffic code have helped to ease some of the congestion, but another change is hoped to have an impact as well – stiffer parking fines.

Beginning March 1 NSAW will issue United States District Court Violation Notices, also known as “1805” tickets, to parking violators on the installation. These tickets carry a maximum fine of $50 and require an appearance in federal magistrate court.

The move to institute stricter parking fines came about as the command was looking for a more effective way to prevent illegal parking on base.

“Before, the police were writing ‘1408’ tickets, which are armed forces traffic tickets,” said Lt. Mike Johnson, Region Legal Service Office Naval District Washington. “Those would result in the recipient being sent to a traffic court on base, and a driver could only get points with those. With the 1408’s, if a driver received so many points in a year they wouldn’t be permitted to drive on base anymore. They were found to be generally ineffective, which is why we wanted a better enforcement mechanism to ensure that people would be deterred from violating the traffic code.”

Johnson explained that many personnel have called for greater penalties to prevent illegal parking, hazardous parking, and parking in unauthorized spaces.

“The vast majority of drivers on the yard have been following the rules, and they have been asking for a while that other people follow the rules as well,” said Johnson. “We’ve been able to tow vehicles, but some people parking on the yard have been willing to roll the dice on their car being towed. It’s much easier to ticket than it is to tow, and it is hoped that the 1805’s will address everyone’s concerns.”

Personnel who wish to avoid the possibility of tickets altogether can make us of the National Capitol Region Mass Transportation Benefit Program, which provides individuals with a subsidy of up to $255 a month for mass transit commuting. The DoD provides mass transportation benefits to offset commuting costs to its active duty military members and employees, including non-appropriated fund employees, to the extent authorized by law and regulation. Visit the National Capitol Region Mass Transportation Benefit Program website at for more information on who qualifies and how to apply. Personnel who use MTBP benefits are not eligible for a regular parking placard at the Washington Navy Yard, but are allowed five temporary parking placards a month, obtained from the WNY Visitor Control Center.

For more information on ticketing and NSAW’s traffic policy, visit the “Traffic and Parking Policies” site on the NSAW webpage at