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Yellow means go-NSAW urges personnel to carpool

WNY Carpool placard
Carpool permits are available to qualified groups of three or more at the Washington Navy Yard Visitor Access Center. (U.S. Navy photo by Whitney Anderson)

12/10/15 12:00 AM

By Whitney Anderson
NSAW Public Affairs Office

Finding a spot to park on the Washington Navy Yard after 8 a.m. is almost unheard of, but what if you had a reserved parking space waiting for you every morning? With the New Year ushering in the start of the new Naval Support Activity Washington traffic code, NSAW officials are urging personnel to make use of the carpooling option, thus ensuring a reserved space to park on base before 9:30 a.m.

The carpooling option gives personnel a chance to commute to work as a group, basing itself on the fact the Navy yard has a three person to one parking space ratio. As an added benefit, fewer drivers on the road mean a more eco-friendly commute to work each day for carpoolers.

Shawnise Young, supervisor of the WNY Visitor Control Center, said the option was provided to individuals working on the yard for their convenience, and when used properly can produce positive results for both personnel and command officials.

“The carpool passes are for any government seated person here on NSA Washington’s installation, and it’s slated out for three individuals who currently possess white parking placards,” said Young. “Those three individuals will turn in their separate parking placards and they will be issued one carpool permit to use between the three of them to park in designated spaces.”

Young said the three individuals would be required to come to the visitor’s center as a group with each individual providing their separate vehicle information in order for all three names to be registered to the one carpool permit.

“The information they’d need is license, registration, proof of insurance, and a copy of their SF 50 form showing they are a seated employee here on the installation,” said Young. “The primary person will be the first person listed in the database and then the other two names will follow, this will show that all three individuals are registered to that one carpool pass.”

Young said installation officials have already started painting the designated carpool spaces yellow, with the designated time frame of space reservation allotted.

“The yellow carpool spaces are designated for the individuals from 5:30 a.m.until 9:30 a.m., after which time the spaces will open up for general individual parking,” said Young.

Young said although the new traffic policy won’t roll out until Jan. 1, she and her office have already taken the steps needed to have the permits available for personnel interested in obtaining a carpool pass now.

“No one has started to come in for it yet, they’ve just been asking information because it won’t be effective until January 1st, but I’ve let my staff know and we are ready to start handing them out to personnel interested,” said Young.

Young noted one thing personnel have to look forward to with registering for a carpool permit is the ability to arrive to work a bit later while still having a space to park.

“The advantage would be they’ll have an assigned parking space; parking is limited here on the base and the more people that drive, the less spaces there are, so if people are carpooling that eliminates so many people having to drive in individually,” said Young.

Chief Michael McKinney, Naval District Washington’s chief of police, added that the advantage of carpooling far surpassed that of just convenience for base personnel, stating that safety during the winter months should also be a determining factor for individuals to carpool instead of driving onto the base separately.

“I think a lot of people should take advantage of the carpool situation; if you have a group of workers who can meet in a parking lot before coming to work and take turns driving in then a lot of the issue [of safety] would be solved, people would arrive and leave work together,” said McKinney.

Carpool passes are now available for registration at the WNY Visitor Control Center located at the main gate of the installation. For further information regarding parking call (202) 433-3738/3506. For more updates on the traffic policy stay current on The Waterline published each Thursday or refer to .