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Naval Support Activity Washington encourages powering down during Energy Biggest Loser Competition


By Shejal Pulivarti, Naval Support Activity Washington Public Affairs  

WASHINGTON, DC - Naval Support Activity Washington is hitting switches, clicking buttons, and being more mindful in their daily energy usage during the month of September.

The second annual Naval District Washington competition to encourage people to save energy started after Labor Day as a precursor to Energy Awareness Month. Installations within NDW compete amongst themselves in the month-long contest to decrease their energy usage.

“NSAW, which has six fencelines, is striving to be the biggest loser…in energy! This new initiative is a good way to build awareness and remind folks to be mindful of their energy usage,” said Lt. Cmdr. John Liddle, executive officer for NSAW. “I’m a big supporter of reducing fossil fuel and this allows us to highlight how the individual can make a difference.”

NDW identified ten buildings per installation that are the biggest energy users to evaluate during the competition. “Our biggest efforts as the installation will be to make sure we are heating and cooling buildings as efficiently as possible and for the smallest amount of time necessary,” said Liddle.

In order to really make a difference, everyone needs to do their part. Although many of the buildings have automated lights and faucets, Liddle said that if every person did one small thing, it would all add up. Ways like simply turning off your monitor(s) or unplugging items not in use during the day and at the end of the day.

“Things like copy machines, coffee pots still draw in a lot of power when not in use,” Cmdr. Jay Cavnar, NSAW public works officer said. “The general rule of thumb in energy usage is if you’re not using it, unplug it.”    

These simple ways to save energy at work easily translate to your personal life as well. Use these tips at home to reduce your electric bill.

“When we save energy, we are saving valuable resources and funds that can be utilized for the greater Navy mission,” said Liddle. “The tips and tricks we learn and implement this month shouldn’t stop once the competition is over, I encourage everyone to be more mindful of their energy usage.”

Although bragging rights for installation teams within the region is a pretty good incentive, there is also a financial prize incentive the building managers can win for building improvements.

“It’s also nice that by saving energy, we can possibly win money to improve the energy efficiency of that building for the future,” said Liddle.

The winning installation of the Energy’s Biggest Loser will be announced in November. 



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