South Potomac Single Stream Recycling Program

Dahlgren and Indian Head operate a Single Stream Recycling Program.

This means all recycling materials are placed together in one recycling container.  After collection by the recycling contractor, the mixed materials are hauled to a facility for separation and then sent to the various recycling markets. 

Acceptable Single Stream Recyclable materials include the usual: Cardboard, Paper, Aluminum cans, Plastic bottles, Glass bottles, and Tin cans.

Printer Cartridges are recycled at Dahlgren and Indian Head, too.  However, printer cartridges do need to be kept separate from the single stream mix.  Printer cartridges should be placed adjacent to the Single Stream Recycling containers for collection by recycling contractors.  Whenever possible, mark boxes of used cartridges "Recycle" to eliminate any doubt that it is to be collected for recycling.

Remember: non-recyclable trash goes in trash cans not the single stream recycling containers.


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